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With so much uncertainty in the present, it is hard not to worry about the future.  
Retire on your terms and find out where you stand today.

You’ve spent much of your working career saving for retirement. Uncertainty and anxiety lurk in your thoughts as you wonder if you are still on track for the retirement you have dreamed of.

Don’t let external forces erode your financial stability. Put your financial plan on the front burner and set yourself up for retirement success. After years of hard work, you deserve to enjoy your loved ones and free time in the manner you choose.

Putting all the financial pieces together can be a daunting task, especially when you aren’t sure who to ask for help or guidance. There are so many financial products and strategies that it can be overwhelming to figure out what works for your needs. 

You don’t need an advisor on an ongoing basis, but you need financial guidance to make sure you are on the right track. As you search for an advisor to help, you realize that it is nearly impossible to find a reputable firm that offers standalone financial planning services.

Retirement shouldn't be this hard.
McLean can help you put the pieces together in a way that makes sense for you.
We designed the CARE Analysis to deliver the 10,000-foot view of your finances so you can determine if more planning is needed, or if you're on track to meet your goals. 
This is not just theory for us. We have a first-hand look at what works. Over the years, this analysis has become the launching pad for our clients as they begin to transition their portfolio for retirement income. 
The CARE Analysis consists of:
  • Intro call (30 minutes) and Discovery meeting (60 minutes)
  • Overview of the Retirement Income Optimization framework
  • Funded Ratio Analysis
  • Personal Benchmark Analysis
  • Interactive meeting with a McLean Asset Management Advisor to review your results (60 minutes)
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Each analysis offers a different, but mutually important, perspective on your current financial state and assists in identifying where further planning is needed.
The Funded Ratio Analysis
  1. Assesses the different components of your retirement strategies including: Reliable income sources, Diversified portfolio, Reserves
  2. Identifies any funding gaps based on the present value dollar amounts of your goals, assets and liabilities
  3. Identifies the optimal allocation for your assets

The Personal Benchmark Analysis

The Personal Benchmark Analysis (PBA) will provide a 'what if' model of your financial situation, and assess the likelihood that you will reach your financial goals.

Take that next step.

Remember what this is all about - the freedom to do what you want in retirement.

Let us help you move forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Once I purchase the CARE Analysis, what happens?

Step 1. You will receive an email invoice as well as a confirmation email, with a link to schedule your 30-minute intro call and login information for the Funded Ratio questionnaire.

Step 2. Schedule your intro call. On your intro call, you will schedule your hour-long discovery meeting, where you will get an overview of the process and discuss what documents will be needed to complete the analysis.

Step 3. Complete the Funded Ratio questionnaire.

Step 4. Upon completion of the questionnaire and the intro call, our team will schedule your discovery meeting (60 minutes). At the discovery meeting you will discuss your goals and other financial objectives in more detail and learn more about the retirement income optimization framework.

Step 5. Next, at your discovery meeting, you will discuss your goals and other financial objectives in more detail while learning about the Retirement Income Optimization framework. After your discovery meeting, your advisor will compile your information and analyze your results.

Step 6. Finally, you will schedule and attend your hour-long review meeting to discuss the results of your Funded Ratio Analysis and Personal Benchmark Analysis.

How long will it take to receive my email?
We will email your access code(s) and instructions immediately. Be sure to check your spam folder just in case, and remember, you can always reach out to us for assistance at yourteam@mcleanam.com !
How long will this last and do I need to finish it in one sitting?
The Funded Ratio questions on average take approximately 30 minutes to complete.  You must complete the questionnaire in a single session. The intro call will be 15-30 minutes, and will happen as soon as possible after you sign up. After the intro call, you will schedule your discovery meeting followed by your review meeting once your results have been analyzed. The engagement should take approximately 2-4 weeks from start to finish.
What information do I need?

For the funded ratio, you will need to provide information on your current investments and any properties that you own, as well as estimates of your future income, savings, and expenses. For the personal benchmark analysis, the advisor will require more documents and provide a way for you to securely share them.

Is this a financial plan?

This is a snapshot of where you currently stand with regards to your retirement income situation. This is a financial checkup, and can be used to help you create a comprehensive financial plan, but it is not a plan in itself.